Who can get this payment?

To be eligible for Accommodation Supplement you must:

  • Have accommodation costs, for example rent or mortgage payments
  • Be 16 years old or over
  • Not live in a social housing property

You must also meet the residential requirement.

How much will I get?

How much you receive for the Accommodation Supplement depends on:

  • Your income
  • Your assets
  • Your accommodation costs
  • Your family circumstances, for example your relationship status or changes in dependent children
  • Where you live

The most you can get is $305 dollars per week but the actual amount you receive varies greatly depending on your situation. 

How often will I get paid?

The Accommodation Supplement is paid weekly. 

Does this payment have income or asset limits?

Yes, the Accommodation Supplement is affected by what you and your spouse earn (your income). It’s also affected by any money and assets you and your partner own.

More about income limits

More about asset limits

What are my obligations if I’m getting this payment?

If you’re receiving the Accommodation Supplement you must tell Work and Income if your situation changes. This includes:

  • If your situation changes
  • If you intend to travel overseas
  • If you’re imprisoned or held in custody
  • If you go into hospital or leave hospital
  • If you’re granted an overseas pension

You can view details about these Accommodation Supplement obligations on the Work and Income website. 

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