About Peta

Peta is a 32-year-old, single mother. She has one child named Anahera, who is 5 years old. Peta rents a house in Christchurch and pays $350 a week. 

She recently left her job because she was experiencing severe anxiety at work. 

Total weekly income

Peta doesn’t work and earns $0 per week. 


Anahera is 5 years old, without a disability, and in Peta’s custody full time


Peta lives in a private rental and pays $350 per week. 

    What benefits can Peta get?

    • Sole Parent Support of $440 per week (after tax)
    • Accommodation Supplement up to $155 per week (after tax)
    • Community Services Card (after tax)
    • Family Tax Credit about $128 per week (after tax)