Who can get this payment?

To be eligible for Sole Parent Support you must:

  • Be 20 years old or over (if you’re under 20 you might be able to get a Young Parent Payment Young) More about Young Parent Payment on MSD site
  • Have 1 or more dependent children under 14 and
  • Not be in a relationship  (or not living with your partner) and
  • Not have adequate financial support

You also need to meet the residential requirement

How much will I get?

The most you can get for Sole Parent Support is $494.80 per week. This is the after tax amount.  

People who get Sole Parent Support also automatically get the Winter Energy Payment during winter. More about the Winter Energy Payment on MSD site

You will need to re-apply for Sole Parent Support every year (after 52 weeks).

How often will I get paid?

Sole Parent Support is paid weekly. 

You will need to re-apply for Sole Parent Support every year (after 52 weeks).

Does this payment have income or asset limits?

There are income limits for Sole Parent Support, but not asset limits. Note that Child Support payments count as income.

What are my obligations if I’m getting this payment?

If you’re receiving the Sole Parent Support you must:

  • Tell Work and Income if your situation changes
  • Look for work or be preparing for work
  • Take part in work ability assessments

You can view details about the Sole Parent Support obligations on the Work and Income website

What happens if I don’t meet my obligations?

If you don’t meet your obligations, your payments can be reduced (usually by half), or stopped. The Ministry for Social Development (MSD) will send you a letter warning you when this happens. This letter might be sent to you through the MyMSD website. You should receive an email to let you know there’s a message for you on the MyMSD website.

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